Daughters of End’s Gate is about to hit the press

To readers of all ages everywhere:

After retirement I promised myself I would shed my executive skin and follow my own path. So I set out to find my voice. Having had a year-long drumroll, I am relieved to say that my dream is finally coming to pass. (Just like my last tarot reading predicted.) Hope you will stay tuned and give it a read.

A new book is on its way. I have been a rare visitor to my own web site lately, but I have a good excuse. I have been finishing off my first novel; the Daughters of End’s Gate- A True Fairy Tale.  The writing is now complete and will be moving into the printing and publishing phase this week.  I will post a sample and some illustrations here but the whole story will be available on e-books as well as in standard print in early spring.

The Scoop: Soon you will meet Shana a normal seven-year-old who is invited to join a fairy band in the forest behind her home for the summer. When she agrees, a season of wonder follows, but before long both Shana and the Kilmore Glen Fairies will face a deadly enemy in the form of a troupe of hungry trolls. (And don’t even ask about her brother Audie… )

Keep an eye out for this youth novel. I would love to share it with you.


Susan Hornfeld   (snowyqueen)

P.S. Snow is predicted for Saturday and Sunday. Yes! First of the year…


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