Meet the Author of “Princess Speaks” and “Pictures in the Rearview Mirror”

I think of myself as a late bloomer. Retired from a career spent helping people with disabilities, I finally feel free to write. Living in Ann Arbor Michigan with my husband Roy and the most excellent dog, Baylee, I am a transplant from the Jersey shore that didn’t take. When missing the ocean, my husband points to whatever Great Lake we are standing next to and says, “ocean.” (very funny, not. ) I began writing in earnest upon my retirement over a year ago. After many false starts, I am finally finding my stride by committing to a blog inspired by Mary Engelbreit’s ”Life is Sweet“ page-a-day calendar. Now, I feel Like I am becoming the writer I was meant to be. See my nearly daily post on “The Princess Speaks” for a good laugh or good cry. Visit me online at  Check out www.  to join me on a road trip through the past, in “Pictures in the Rearview Mirror” series.


What do your think?

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