Daughters of End’s Gate is about to hit the press

To readers of all ages everywhere:

After retirement I promised myself I would shed my executive skin and follow my own path. So I set out to find my voice. Having had a year-long drumroll, I am relieved to say that my dream is finally coming to pass. (Just like my last tarot reading predicted.) Hope you will stay tuned and give it a read.

A new book is on its way. I have been a rare visitor to my own web site lately, but I have a good excuse. I have been finishing off my first novel; the Daughters of End’s Gate- A True Fairy Tale.  The writing is now complete and will be moving into the printing and publishing phase this week.  I will post a sample and some illustrations here but the whole story will be available on e-books as well as in standard print in early spring.

The Scoop: Soon you will meet Shana a normal seven-year-old who is invited to join a fairy band in the forest behind her home for the summer. When she agrees, a season of wonder follows, but before long both Shana and the Kilmore Glen Fairies will face a deadly enemy in the form of a troupe of hungry trolls. (And don’t even ask about her brother Audie… )

Keep an eye out for this youth novel. I would love to share it with you.


Susan Hornfeld   (snowyqueen)

P.S. Snow is predicted for Saturday and Sunday. Yes! First of the year…

The deadline on the Princess Speaks, Looms

After over 300 entries on the Princess Speaks blog I am counting down to the final days. Having followed the Mary Engelbreit Life is Sweet 2012 page a day calendar throughout this year, I am getting close to hanging up my pen. I hope you will take a moment to check out some of the archived pieces that date from Dec 31/ Jan 1 2011-12 to Dec 31, 2012. I begin a new project in 2013 but I will be writing for the Baby Boomer‘s website and the creativity-portal.com.

This year-long project has forced me to write on a demanding schedule and it is my hope that this has taught me what I need to know to keep writing as if a deadline depended on it.

Thank you for reading,  Snowyqueen…

Meet the Author of “Princess Speaks” and “Pictures in the Rearview Mirror”

I think of myself as a late bloomer. Retired from a career spent helping people with disabilities, I finally feel free to write. Living in Ann Arbor Michigan with my husband Roy and the most excellent dog, Baylee, I am a transplant from the Jersey shore that didn’t take. When missing the ocean, my husband points to whatever Great Lake we are standing next to and says, “ocean.” (very funny, not. ) I began writing in earnest upon my retirement over a year ago. After many false starts, I am finally finding my stride by committing to a blog inspired by Mary Engelbreit’s ”Life is Sweet“ page-a-day calendar. Now, I feel Like I am becoming the writer I was meant to be. See my nearly daily post on “The Princess Speaks” for a good laugh or good cry. Visit me online at emancipationofageneration.com.  Check out www. creativity-portal.com  to join me on a road trip through the past, in “Pictures in the Rearview Mirror” series.

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